SIGH… group exhibit


Andrew curated and contributed to SIGH…, a group exhibit at The LODGE Gallery, 2017.

Kevin ChristyBrian DeGrawCheryl Dunn / Kate Grutman / Jean JullienAna Kraš /
Alice LancasterWill Lemon IIIWilliam LovelessStefan MarxAndrew Neuhues / 
Galen Pehrson / Vanessa PragerYogi ProctorEddie RuschaNathaniel Russell /
Alia ShawkatRobbie SimonTodd St. JohnAutumn de Wilde

Craig Wedren / Money Mark / Secret Circuit / Darren Rademaker


The LODGE is pleased to present SIGH…, a group exhibition, foraged by Andrew Neuhues
(he himself a chronic sigher). Gathered here under our current air of malaise is a group
of artists from near and far. Current mood: not content. Take your brain, it’s time to go.
SIGH… is our collective sigh of the times. – Yogi Proctor, Los Angeles, March 2017


(above and below: Andrew’s contribution to SIGH…);
Double Whammy
Reflective Plexiglass, Krink ink
30 x 43 in (76.2 x 109.2 cm) [plexi only, not ink application]


(above and below: Andrew’s contribution to SIGH…);
Nihilism is the New Optimism
Serigraph, edition of 9
24 x 36 in (61 x 91.4 cm)




(above: Jean Jullien installing)




























A selection of these works are still available at The LODGE Gallery;
please contact them to inquire.

Thanks for the support, It’s Nice That.